From your expertise and Insight in…

  • Cultural identity
  • Codes of conduct and ethics of your culture
  • Qualities and capabilities
  • Talents and strengths
  • Your Inherent culture
  • Protocol

…towards achieving excellence

  • Be at ease with the culture of your audience.
  • Develop your potential and appraise your skills.
  • Build invaluable trust with your foreign partners.
  • Live a fulfilling intercultural experience in France.
  • Succeed in global relationships without “faux pas”.
  • Earn a dynamic and ceaseless development.
  • Fulfill yourself, reach « Précellence » (distinguished excellence).
  • Build your image and transform your life into a masterpiece.

Master the intricacies of etiquette, protocol and savoir-vivre in order to achieve your international ambitions

  • In the 17th century France followed an ethics code and became a model of good manners. This knowledge was conveyed worldwide and exported to other European courts via “the table art” as well as all elements associated with it. Since then, many rules of etiquette and manners of the French were internationally recognized in the fields of luxury, prestige and global diplomacy. Mastering the etiquette and manners of “savoir vivre” is a guarantee of finesse and immaculate service.


    • The Etiquette: gather all codes of good manners and politeness that govern our global society.
    • The Protocol: consists of an agreed set of rules to be applied in official circumstances.
    • The “savoir-vivre”: includes the knowledge and practice of etiquette in everyday life and human values related to respect, empathy and benevolence.
  • Each culture rests on a foundation of values and beliefs that govern the behaviour of its members. For each culture, a code of conduct is agreed to be respected allowing a healthy living and working environment. Composed of a set of rules and a system of values based on politeness, respect, recognition and reciprocity, the code of conduct is a source of harmonious interchange. It is broken into 3 parts: Etiquette, protocol, and savoir-vivre.

  • Both in a personal and professional context:

    • Communicate with ease, confidence, and elegance.
    • Possess know-how in various situations, which require the application of correct codes for success in business: meetings, business lunches, etc.
    • Move with ease in the diplomatic world.
    • Meet high-end requirements.
    • Receive guests without complex.
    • Demonstrate respect for your partner’s culture.

    Thus, ensuring intercultural excellence in terms of etiquette through:

    • Understanding of French etiquette
    • Highlighting the value of your human qualities, such as empathy, tolerance and respect.
  • The success of this experience relies on your communication skills (verbal and non verbal, behavioural), your ability to understand and feel at ease with habits and customs of your foreign contacts. Essentially, cultural integration is grasped through the discovery of the foreign culture but also through intercultural exchange. It is important to assimilate the culture of others while bringing and sharing their own cultural wealth. To facilitate communication between members of different cultures, it is important to acquire intercultural codes based on a system of common values and rules accepted and assimilated by all. Understanding the issues and functions of politeness, savoir-vivre and intercultural relations enables a profound understanding of what builds social and cultural ties. It also enables the understanding of a global correspondence towards achieving a better world.

Enjoy an authentic and unique experience

Bespoke solutions are available in several languages in selected regions in France or in your home country

  • for professionals: international luxury companies, men and women in business, diplomatic and institutional organisations, Business and diplomat schools.
  • for individuals: parents, spouses and children of expatriates, celebrities.
Praecellentia: Individual consultation and Coaching, group training, into Management intercultural, Savoir-vivre, Etiquette and Protocol in France or in your home country

Consulting, Seminars and Training

Group Training

  • Etiquette in business/social and private life
  • The art of protocol and ceremonial welcome
  • "Savoir-vivre" good manners held in society
  • Intercultural Communication and Negotiation
  • Communication and Behavioural codes towards foreign customer
  • Management of a multidisciplinary and multilingual team
  • Decision making and finalizing projects in an ever increasing globalised environment
  • Integrate another culture while upholding its identity

Individual consultation and Coaching

  • Prestigious Coaching
Praecellentia: intercultural events, cultural training program, language training, in France or in your home country

Visit and events

  • Organising seminars
  • Organising intercultural events
  • Cultural Training programs

A network of experts and qualified consultants

During her illustrious career, Jeanne has lived in culturally diverse backgrounds in France and abroad. The source to her success and social exchanges between individuals and corporations come from the fact that she was able to adapt to various norms of cultural environments and codes of conduct.

Due to her ongoing success, the project of creating a consultancy firm took place in order to develop and assist others in relational and cultural fluency wishing to evolve and distinguish themselves in a global cultural environment.

Around the globe, our network of experts in intercultural communication, etiquette and protocol work with passion to empower you in your ambitions in complete discretion and confidentiality with high quality services and tailored approaches. Praecellentia aims to undertake and tackle all challenges to achieve this excellence and access a crucial knowledge becoming increasingly imminent in a globalised environment.

"Reach the nobility of your soul and spirit."
Jeanne Vito, founder of PRAECELLENTIA